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Shandong Dongchen New Co., Ltd. is the first high-tech chemical enterprise of Shandong Energy Group, specializes in the synthesis, modified development and sale of long carbon chain nylon 1212. At the same time, we also synthesize and produce PA612, PA1010, PA610, transparent PA and other products. Our company, founded in December 2001, now can produce long carbon chain nylon resin of 5,000 tons and enhanced, flame retardant and filled PA and PP modified engineering plastic products of over 7,000 tons every year. The company has introduced first-rate advanced equipment and process engineering of China and now has 145 employees and a fixed asset of 200 million Yuan. Up to now, our company has an annual sales volume of 150 million Yuan.

Our technical development center specializes in the research and development of long carbon chain nylon resin and has set up a multifunctional testing base. Besides, Dongchen Ruisen has famous macromolecule experts and outstanding professionals of China and will launch new types of nylon needed by the market every year. Upon authentication by authoritative Institution of State, the performance indexes of this product are on par with the same type of product at abroad. Some of its performance surpasses imported nylon 11 and nylon 12 and now this product has become the focus of promotion by the State. 

Our company has full-fledged quality guarantee system and first-rate product testing equipment of China.  At the same time, our company is guided by a strong market orientation and believes that customer needs always come first. Based on the concept of “unlimited technology and people foremost” and on the strength of our outstanding talents and advanced technologies, our company has been offering excellent products and services to customers at home and abroad. Besides, our company is a member unit of China Engineering Plastics Association. In September 2002, our company obtained the IS09001 quality management system certification and the IS014001 environment management system certification.

Now our company would like to sincerely enter into cooperation with customers and people of the same realm at home and abroad and to work hand in hand with them toward common growth.