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Specializing in the synthesis, modification and development of long carbon chain nylon 1212 in China.

Shandong Dongchen New Technology Co, the first high-tech  enterprise of Shandong Energy Group,  specializes in synthesizing, modifying, developing, and marketing long-carbon chain nylon 1212. Meanwhile, the company also engages in synthesizing and manufacturing PA612, PA1010, PA610, transparent PA and other products. The company was founded in December 2001. At present, it is capable of producing 5,000 tons of long carbon chain nylon resin, more than 7,000 tons of reinforced, flame resistant, filled PA and PP modified engineering plastic products......

Shandong Dongchen New Technology Co., Ltd. announced the first announcement of the environmental impact assessme
Li Weimin, chairman of the Shandong energy group and Secretary of the Party committee, went to the East China company to inspect
2019-05-30 11:12
Shandong Dongchen New Technology Co., Ltd. announced the first announcement of the environmental impact assessme
Liu Tiandong, Secretary of the Zhangqiu District Committee, examined and directed the work of the East Star Company.

The company has perfect quality assurance system, and has first-class domestic

product testing equipment, qualified products.
 The company will take the market as the guidance, take the

customer's needs as the paramount, and "technology".
The concept of "limitless, people-oriented", with excellent talents and

advanced technology, provides excellent for Chinese and foreign customers.
Quality products and quality services.

Pay attention to the guarantee of quality and

quality of products

From pre sale free consultation to after-sales professionals to maintain your products,

Shandong East Chen, new materials technology Co., Ltd.
The company has a complete service system, careful service process to solve the difficulties you encounter.

Complete after-sale service

Professional technical team

The technology development center of the company specializes in the research and development of long carbon chain nylon resin and has many functions.
The pilot base, which has well-known polymer experts and excellent professionals,

has a market every year.
The new nylon variety needed to ask the market, the nylon 1212,

which is  developed throughout the country, fills the gap in China.

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